3 Tips On Picking A Wedding Venue To Minimize Stress And Unpredictability

6 January 2021
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While you may know that some couples like to do a ton of planning for their wedding, you may be most interested in having a smooth and stress-free wedding. If you want to keep unpredictable matters to a minimum, you should be strategic in picking a wedding venue. Indoor Venue One of the most important things that you want to do is choose an indoor venue because this will prevent you from having to worry about non-ideal weather conditions. Read More 

Should You Hire A Wedding Planner For Your Small Wedding?

22 July 2020
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You have a smaller wedding coming up, and you feel like you have most of the details handled on your own. However, hiring a wedding planner can take a lot of stress and frustration out of preparing for your big day, which is why around 27% of people who get married hire one. The national average for a wedding planner's services is $1,500, easily incorporated into any wedding budget for most. Read More 

Planning A Warm-Weather Wedding? 3 Venue Options To Consider

17 January 2020
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Many people prefer scheduling their wedding when there is cooler weather on the horizon. A fall wedding can be comfortable, and a winter wedding can be magical especially if there is snow falling. However, a warm-weather wedding can also be enjoyable as long as you plan your event the right way. If you are planning a warm-weather wedding, here are a few great venue options to consider. Beach Properties If you really want to enjoy the warm weather while celebrating your nuptials with friends and family, consider having your wedding at the beach. Read More 

Love The Idea Of A Small Wedding? Try A Micro-Wedding Instead

20 August 2019
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One of the biggest trends in weddings today is the growing popularity of the micro-wedding. What is a micro-wedding? And how does it differ from merely a small wedding? Here are a few answers to help you decide if this is the right way to celebrate your big day. What Is a Micro-wedding? Micro-weddings grew out of the rebellion against an ever-growing wedding industry and all the expectations that come along with it. Read More 

Simple Ways To Save Money On Wedding Rentals

2 June 2019
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Most couples desire a beautiful wedding and reception that will create memories that last a lifetime. However, most couples are also on a budget, so they have to carefully choose how they spend their wedding dollars. There are many ways to save money on a wedding without sacrificing beauty or style. One area where couples can choose to trim their spending is wedding rentals, such as chairs, tables, linens, lighting, glassware, and servingware. Read More